Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Setting Up A Tropical Fish Aquarium

Setting up a tropical fish aquarium need not be difficult once you know the exact process of building it and what kind of tools are required. If you are just starting out for the first time I recommend you go for a freshwater tropical fish aquarium. That's because freshwater tropical fish species are less expensive and hardy enough to live in an aquarium tank.

Here are 7 easy steps by which you can set up an awesome looking tropical fish aquarium easily.

1) If you have purchased the tank, clean it first. This seems too obvious but is necessary. That's because you don't know in what condition the tank was before you purchased it from a shop. Along with the tank also clean the decorating material that rests at the bottom of the tank such as gravel, stones, pebbles etc. it is good to wash them in flowing water under the tap.

2) Add the gravel, decorating stones, and other stuff you have purchase at the bottom of the tank. Make it attractive. You can even use artificial trees.

3) Fix any other accessories you are going to use such as filter, thermostat. if you want a dramatic look inside the tank make sure the sprout of the filter is buried behind the stones.

4) Add the water slowly in the tank. make sure you don't pour the water heavily, because that can disturb the beautiful arrangement of the stones and decorating materials you have just made.

5) The water you have just added is not right for the fist because it has chlorine in it. You will have to use a tap water conditioner for this purpose.

6) Turn on your filter and other heating system running immediately. This will balance the temperature of the water that is necessary for the fish to survive You shpld do this for at least 2-3 days before you add the fish in the tank.

7) After this the last step is to add fish to your aquarium tank. But wait a minute hold the bag that contains the fish for 5-7 minutes inside the water. This will balance the temperature of water inside the bag and the outside aquarium water. Then you can release the fish to move smoothly inside the aquarium.

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