Friday, September 19, 2008

Tropical Fish care

If you are trying to take better care of your tropical fish tank then the biggest problems you may face are.

* You don't know about what kind of fish food is best for your fish.
* You don't know how to clean a fish tank and how frequently.
* You don't know what to do when your fish become sick.
* You don't know how to add new fish to your tropical fish aquarium.
* And many more...

You can eliminate all these problems once you know what kind of basic necessary equipment is required to set up a tropical fish tank. Once you understand how and why a certain appliance is required it becomes a very easy task.

So here are a few steps to get started with tropical fish care

1) Aquarium - of course you have this with you. If you are new to owning a tropical fish tank then I recommend you start with a 2.5 gallon capacity tank for your tropical fish. This size of tank is small in size (approx 12inchX6inchX8inch) and is easy to maintain and clean.
2) Water heater - tropical fish like a little warm water and a water heater is must if you want healthy fish in your aquarium. Click here for a good recommendation.
3) Water filter - this is required for keeping the water clean for a healthy environment.
4) Aerator - This is required to blow fresh air into the water because fish require oxygen present in water for breathing
5) Gravel and other decorative material - This greatly add to the beauty of the aquarium.
6) Tropical fish - You can buy these from your local store.
7) Water conditioner - This is a solution required to remove chlorine effect from water otherwise your fish will die.
8) Tropical fish food - This you can buy from local store.

This is what you require to primarily set up a tropical fish tank. Once you set up a tropical tank all you have to do is follow a simple schedule to maintain it.

1) Feed the fish tropical fish very little everyday. If you put too much food the fish won't eat it and the remaining part gets settled down at the bottom of the tank. This settled food gets rotten and water quality becomes poor.

Note - Sean LeMay in his book Tropical Fish Secrets shows you a secret technique to keep the aquarium water crystal clear.

2) Clean the tank once in a week. Never use a soap or detergent to clean the tank from inside. Soap or detergent is dangerous for tropical fish.

3) Keep an eye for any sort of diseases your tropical fish may catch up. If you find any kind of abnormal fish movement remove the fish and keep him in a different tank for a few days under observation.

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