Saturday, October 25, 2008

Resources On Setting Up A Tropical Fish tank

Here you will find information on setting up your own beautiful tropical fish aquarium. It is an ebook with all the information in step-by-step manner.
Tropical Fish Secrets

This information is for setting up any type of aquarium big or small. It shows you how to keep your freshwater fish from killing. All the information for growing healthy fish in an aquarium.

New Aquarium Setup

If you are fan of goldfish then this is the right website for you. All the great information from buying to taking care of all sorts of goldfish.

Goldfish Secrets

Learn to set up a beautiful Betta fish tank 
Betta Fish facts

The A to Z information about tropical fish and their care. Also grate amount detailed information about setting up, taking care of freshwater and saltwater tropical fish aquariums.
The Everything Tropical Fish Book

As the name suggests this has a database of more than 1000 species of freshwater tropical fish. Great if you are ready to buy tropical fish for your aquarium.

Encyclopedia Of Exotic Tropical Fishes For Freshwater Aquariums

Is your tropical fish sick with disease. Then this book has a special section devoted to tropical fish diseases. You will also find great information on setting up a healthy aquarium and feeding the fish so that they remain healthy.

Tropical Fishlopaedia: A Complete Guide to Fish Care

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