Thursday, October 30, 2008

How and from where to buy tropical fish?

A typical answer to this question would be buy tropical fish from a local tropical store. However before you buy your favorite here are some important tips to look for.

1) Before you buy tropical fish have a look at other fish in the tank from which the owner grabs a fish for you. Look for tank cleanliness and already sick fish. It should not happen that you buy a sick fish, which can make other fish in your home aquarium sick as well.

2) When you buy new fish you can keep the new fish in a separate tank before you add them to your original aquarium. If you find any sign of disease or sickness you can treat the new fish then and there only keeping your original tropical fish aquarium safe.

3) If you are buying new fish do not buy more than 2 fish at a time. This is for the safety of the original fish in your home aquarium. Fish need their own environment and overcrowding the fish tank can be harmful to their health.

4) When you buy new fish always inform the shop owner the names of your original fish in your home aquarium. This is necessary because not all fish can stay with each other. There are certain species of fish, which can attack each other by starting a fight in the aquarium. This can be harmful to other fish and the total safety of the aquarium.

Recommended Reading

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