Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Types Of Tropical Fish When Starting An Aquarium

Owning a tropical fish aquarium is a great hobby. However many people get confused while selecting the tropical fish when starting out.

Here I am going to mention a few names of the tropical fish for starting out. The tropical fish are categorized into two basic categories.

1) Tropical fish that do not lay eggs. (They directly give birth to babies)
2) Tropical fish that lay eggs.

In this article I am going to mention a few names of the tropical fish that DO NOT lay eggs.

a) Mollie

  • These are normally black in color

  • Extremely impatient and constantly moving around in the aquarium

  • Grows till 2inch - 4 inch

  • Female grows bigger than male fish

b) Guppies

  • The origin of these fish is Venezuela

  • Very colorful and attractive

  • Grow till 1unch to 1.5 inch

  • Gives birth to 25-40 baby fish at a time

  • These fish are highly recommended for starting out an aquarium 

  • These fish have teeth in their mouth, so they can eat a variety of food

  • These fish eat mosquito eggs and hence are lifesavers for humans

c) Sword Tail Fish

  • These fish have a sword like tail in the end that's why the name

  • Only male has a sword like tail

  • Gives birth to 25- 40 baby fish at a time

  • Female swordfish sometime may eat her own baby that’s why normally she is kept in a separate tank after giving birth to babies.

d) Patties

  • Like guppies these are colorful in color

  • Highly recommended when starting out an aquarium

  • Small in size as compared to other fish

In the next article I will write more about the second category (egg laying) of tropical fish types.

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