Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tropical Fish Food

What is the best tropical fish food?

There is not a very straightforward answer to this because it highly depends upon the type of tropical fish you own. However here is a short list.

1) Flakes
2) Frozen blood worms
3) Live blood worms
4) Micro Pellets
5) Brine Shrimp

How often should I feed my tropical fish?

Once in a day is Ok for fish. be careful when you fed them though, this is because fish won't finish the entire food and the uneaten food normally settles down at the bottom gravel and gets rotten. This may alter the PH value of your tropical fish water and is harmful for the fish health.

Where can I buy the best quality tropical fish food?

Normally pet stores or even aquarium stores sell good quality tropical fish food in the form of plastic packets or bottles. When you buy tropical fish food makes sure that you mention the names of species you own to the storeowner. They will be more open to suggest the best food for your tropical fish.

I recommend fish food from if you prefer buying online.

Which is the best fish food for a goldfish?

A gold fish will happily eat all types of normal tropical fish food. Again it depends upon which species you own.

Recommended Reading

Tropical Fish Secrets - Sean LeMay in his book Tropical
Fish Secrets
shows you how to buy the beat tropical fish food to avoid diseases.


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